Expand your Territory into Japan

In this period of Cryptocurrency warring states, almost every crypto project is working hard to get market supremacy.

EconoMe bridges the gap between the Japanese market and your projects, so that you can step into unknown territory and expand your community.


Massive Crypto Market “JAPAN”

It is a fact that no other country has a bigger bitcoin exchange market than Japan. In our estimation, there are 2 million Cryptocurrency holders in Japan.

Because of the language and unique market system, it is extremely difficult for foreign Cryptocurrency businesses to conquer Japan. That is why EconoMe exists.


Liquidity and Community

Liquidity and Community. For tokens, it is very important to secure liquidity and of network. Liquidity of tokens consists of 3 important elements.

  • - The number of token holders.
  • - The amount of token holding.
  • - The frequency of token transactions.
  • We assure you to have these 3 elements in Japan by providing the applications and the marketing assistance for your blockchain projects.


    EconoMe function “Airdrop”

    Airdrop has been developed to increase the number of token holders. Airdrop is a new market method that is gathering attention in the blockchain field. We describe Airdrop as a new way to enter the community.

    With our web application, you can execute Airdrop to your Japanese community without the concerns of transaction fees.


    EconoMe function “Marketplace”

    It is our aim to increase the liquidity of your project. We can provide a platform where users can actually use your tokens for payments, after they have set up the Airdrop.

    For a variety of reasons, blockchain projects take a long time to launch. This is not ideal because tokens cannot show their actual value until after launch.

    Therefore we will create a use case of tokens between ICO and product release.


    EconoMe function “Marketing support"

    EconoMe will promote your project on you behalf. You will be assign personal assistant to deal with all your requests.

  • - Media support.
  • - Regular articles written in Japanese.
  • - White paper translation.
  • - Meet up support.
  • - Japanese community chat line.
  • - intermediary, introduction and influence support.
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